Our logistics division will make sure that the plants you order, whether delicate roses or mighty 12-metre-high trees, arrive at your doorstep always on time and in impeccable condition. The order will be shipped to the address of your choosing.

Please note that due to the nature of the plant material, certain orders can be delivered only in certain seasons of the year, of which you will be informed each time after placing the order.

If you do are not experienced in planting – especially large trees – after arranging all the details, our team of qualified gardeners will take care of everything else, from taking the tree down from the truck, to transporting it to the planting site, to proper setting and the actual planting.

Due to the broad range of offered plants (sizes from several centimetres to 12 metres, weight from several kilograms to a dozen tonnes), the shipping cost is calculated each time after an order has been placed. Below you will find approximate shipping cost, starting from only:

- PLN 20.00 for small plants within the range regular courier parcels
- PLN 25.00 for shrubs 125-150 cm
- PLN 30.00 for shrubs 150-200 cm
- PLN 40.00 for shrubs 200-250 cm
- PLN 50.00 for shrubs 250-300 cm

- PLN 85.00 for trees up to 300 cm
- PLN 250.00 for trees 300-500 cm
- PLN 600.00 for trees 500-700 cm
- the shipping of trees over 700 cm is always priced individually