Ornamental trees and shrubs for the garden

Trees and shrubs determine the image of the garden. They fulfil various functions: they divide the garden space, protect your privacy from the neighbours (who can be a nuisance), on scorching days they provide refreshing shade, protect your house from strong winds, dust, excessive noise and by absorbing carbon dioxide, they improve air quality. A typical tree absorbs on average 1 tonne of CO2 for every cubic meter of increment and in the process produces 727 kg of life-giving oxygen. Trees that supply the largest amounts of O2 include: common beech (1.1 kg), maple (1.1 kg), false acacia (black locust]) (1.1 kg), crack willow and oak (0.8 kg), lime and elm (0.7 kg).

When choosing ornamental trees for your garden, you should consider optimal conditions which will foster their growth: fertile soil, required sun exposure or shade. Before making the purchase, you must absolutely take into account their final width and height.

When landscaping in your garden, you should plan with changing seasons of the year in mind. It is nice to be able to enjoy the view all year long. Spring is when fruit trees, magnolias and cornaceae look beautiful in full bloom. Roses, hydrangeas, bamboo and beeches are delightful in summer. Autumn definitely belongs to all trees that change their colouring: maples and oaks, as well as euonymus, sweetgum and katsura. In winter all evergreens, particularly coniferous, reign supreme: they make the garden look appealing, despite the season.

Ornamental trees for gardens have varying needs. Some are frost resistant and will thrive in any part of our country. Others, especially those originating from significantly warmer parts, require milder climate and will feel comfortable in the western and northern parts of Poland.

Many trees and shrubs, e.g. bamboo plants, profit from growing in a cluster. Other are individualists who will look best in solitude, like southern catalpa.

The choice of a plant species can be determined by its size, flowers, texture, leaf shape, bark and how decorative it is. Magnolias are especially spectacular trees. Actinidia kolomikta has two-coloured, green and pink leaves. Moosewood has decorative, striped bark which draws the eye and constitutes quite an attraction practically all year long. ‘Profusion’ Bodinier's beautyberry has uniquely ornamental purple fruit.

The diversity of trees and shrubs is impressive. You can find many of them in our store.

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